About Us

What we do

 We give Military Veterans the opportunity to experience charter fishing and recreation for FREE out of Honokohau Harbor in Kona Hawaii. 

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Why we do

Our team sincerely appreciates our country and we recognize the need to take care of our Veterans.

We aim to accomplish that by offering a little rest and relaxation. It’s good for the spirt.

How it can help

We want veterans to get out of the house and break any possible destructive routines, get some fresh air and sunshine. 

The goal being a fresh and positive outlook and the affirmation that they are not alone.

How can you help?

Take a Veteran or First Responder that could use a break fishing. Your family, friends and neighbors.

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or contact us by email or phone for questions . 

We are 501c3 compliant.

Thank You

Stay in Touch

As a newly formed 501c3 we will endeavor to improve upon every aspect of this non-profit from this foundation. Sign up to hear about the latest news and updates involving our adventures. Mahalo ,Thanks for visiting ! Check us on Instagram Enabledveteransoceanic